How to Create Your Own Juggling Balls

You will need:
  • rice
  • tennis balls
  • balloons
  • knife
  • tape

Cut a slit into the tennis ball along the seam with a sturdy knife. The slit should be just big enough to pour the rice into.

Pour rice in using some sort of funnel. You will probably want to do this step over a bowl.

Fill to the top.

Use lots of glue along the seam. You can wipe the excess off with a finger.

Tape around the ball to hold the seam shut. Let dry at least 1 hour.

Cut most of the balloon neck off. If you cut too much off, the balloon won't cover enough of the ball. Too little and you will have a bump on your ball.

Remove the tape from the tennis ball, and then pull the balloon tight over the tennis ball.

Next add a second balloon to cover the exposed bit of the tennis ball.

Make as many as you like!

  • Homemade tennisball
  • Smaller and light practice ball
  • 130 gram professional

I can juggle 3 balls well. I can juggle those until my arms get tired.

I've been trying 4 balls recently. My highest yet is 49 catches.

I'm also attempting 5 balls. My highest yet is 4 catches. I've still got some work to do on this one.

Inspired by this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdLB1WwKsfw

©2000-now David Skelly